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Serrated Chain Pallet Link

This new SCPL is a high – density pallet storage & retrieval system. It is designed to provide more efficient and space saving, so that more pallet can be achieve. It can be operated using conventional forklift trucks. Chain driven pallet without the need to drive into the pallet lane. You can now store up to 8 pallets deep or according to customer’s requirement.


System Benefits:

  • Can be operated with a fork truck to load & retrieve pallets
  • Additional rail can be added for weaker pallets or heavier loads if necessary
  • Maximum Load per pallet 1 Ton.
  • Maximum width 1.8m.

Safety Features:


When this yellow tag is out ( shown as photo) it means the lane is not fully load.


When the lane is fully occupied, the yellow tag move in together with the last pallet. This can be easily seen by the operator (shown as photo)


Loading Stopper – when the last pallet is retrieving out the lane


Back Stopper – to prevent the pallet slip off at the rear.