Rack-Checked Service​

Storage Centre is able to offer a full diagnostic inspection on your current storage system. We will inspect your system, write a report on our findings and repair any damage.

More than likely, your warehouse storage may run out of space at some point of time, as a result of major sales growth and possibly due to a changing product mix or inefficient use of space. Storage Centre team will work with you to identify problem areas with a thorough review of your current storage systems. We will then create an industrial storage facility layout identifying the most effective and efficient material handling systems to accommodate your SKU volume and achieve your storage goals.


Optimizing storage and designing floor space is a major challenge in the all Industry. Storage Centre team has the knowledge and experience needed to create efficient stock rooms and customized storage systems. Our design team will optimize existing floor space by choosing which the best solution according to customer’s requirement.


We will design your existing storage space should it be reused, relocated and reconfigured based on your needs, you never lose your initial investment.


Let our Storage Centre team customize a solution that will optimize your space plan and maximize your storage capacity.


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