Compactus Shelving System

Compactus Shelving

“Compactus shelving is the ultimate shelving solution for offices and commercial libraries. It is a mobile solution that provides maximum storage capacity within a standard shelf space.

Essentially, compactus shelving systems are a set of multiple bookshelves or filing cabinets that are attached to tracks on the floor. This allows you to quickly open or close specific partitions as needed without risk of damaging your floor.

Stay on top of all your filing needs without needing a large space with compactus shelving systems. “

Our Compactus Shelving Products

Hand Driven Mobile Shelving

Crank Driven Mobile Shelving

Library Shelving

Powered Driven Mobile Shelving

Double-Decker Mobile Shelving

Side 2 Side Shelving

Rotary Shelving Storage


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