Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousel

The Carousel is a fast and efficient solution for storing, merchandising and dispensing rolled products.
The Carousel can reduce your storage footprint and maximise your valuable floor space, by utilising the wasted vertical storage space in your facility.

Carousels also employ the “Goods-to-Person” storage principle, which eliminates travel time and greatly reduces manual handling, by delivering stored products directly to the operator at an ergonomic working height. The Carousel has been specifically engineered for the increased loads, product sizes and constraints of the flooring industry. The Carousel not only stores and manages your inventory, but also provides an ideal and convenient method of displaying it, allowing customers and staff to compare and select flooring products at the push of a button.

System Benefits:

    • Carousel configuration can be customised to cater for your specific inventory dimensions and storage requirements
    • Maximised storage capacity in a small footprint
    • Quality engineering and heavy duty construction
    • Simple stocking / loading process
    • Fast retrieval of stored products
    • Improved inventory management and picking accuracy
    • Single person operation allows increased efficiency and reduced labour costs
    • Ergonomically designed to reduce manual handling and lifting related injuries
    • User friendly push-button machine controls, including emergency stop
    • Electronic security keypad to prevent unauthorised use
    • Ideal for a range of applications, including: retail sales, bulk storage, industrial manufacturing and production line integration

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