Side 2 Side Shelving

Side 2 Side Shelving

Side 2 Side is the ideal system for transforming under-utilised areas such as alcoves into efficient storage space.

It’s simple; we just place a row of mobile shelving in front of a row of static shelving. This eliminates the need for permanent aisles as items stored are accessed from the front.

System Benefits:

    • Create an extremely efficient use of unconventional storage areas by mounting shelving onto the attractive Side2side 2 track and runner system
    • More accessible bays provide multiple ‘picking faces’, giving faster access for more operators to more stored items
    • The innovative low profile track design provides great strength and enhanced mobility for the side to side base runners
    • Attractive clip on track ramps further reduce trip hazards when accessing rear bays
    • The pivoting ramps allow a seamless transition between the flooring material and track
    • The unique track based anti-tilt mechanism secures all shelving, further enhancing operator safety
    • Fast and efficient access

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