Crank Driven Mobile Shelving

Crank Driven Mobile Shelving

Crank Driven Compactus revolutionises filing and storage systems with advanced technology and design.

It is the lightest mechanically assisted mobile storage system available; this keeps floor loads to a minimum, a major consideration in high rise buildings.

It’s unique belt driven technology and ergonomically designed hand wheel moves 4,000kg block loads effortlessly, eliminating operator strain.

System Benefits:

    • The low profile track design provides great strength and enhanced mobility for the runners.
    • The clip-on track ramps further reduce trip hazards and allows for the movement of trolleys/wheelchairs between the shelving bays.
    • Multiple track configurations apply better distribution of floor loads.
    • It needs no fixing into the floor, eliminating any permanent damage to floors and flooring material and allowing for cost effective relocation/reconfiguration of the systems, as needs arise.
    • The unique track anti-tilt mechanism, secures all shelving, further enhancing operator safety.
    • Variety of locking options available, providing additional security to stored documents.

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