Long Span

Long Span

Long Span is the most popular hand-loaded solution.

It is strong and durable so suits heavier or awkwardly shaped items, but also easy to assemble or reconfigure it yourself. A little extra shelf depth makes Longspan quite flexible, while the absence of a wall means you can pick from both sides. It can be either a single-tier or high-rise solution to make optimal use of overhead space.

System Benefits:

    • Versatile shelving system
    • Strong and durable construction
    • Adjustable shelving
    • Fast and easy to assemble or disassemble
    • Clip together installation
    • Uprights provide excellent strength and rigidity
    • Reliable, bolted, braced frames also provide safety and strength
    • Various standard sizes available
    • Option of increasing shelf load capacity
    • Slant storage levels for easy access to stored items
    • Reduce the uprights required and create more space
    • Can be easily demounted, relocated or reconfigured

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